Townsville Social Media Marketing


Townsville Social Media Marketing

We at The Marketing Shed have a single goal. To get all our local businesses online and into the digital space. Digital marketing gives local small businesses the ability to maximise every marketing dollar spent by targeting your ideal customers. 

We strive to help take the headache out of setting up and sorting out your online presence and to  provide cost effective, no contract marketing solutions in the online world.. 

We endeavor to take the headache out of your online presence – we can help you in any way you would like. From taking over your entire marketing portfolio or simply assisting when you feel the time is right. We focus on what you need from us and tailor our solutions unique to your business, taking an analytical and data-driven approach.  We can deliver a fully in-house marketing team, or simply set up some Google ads for you.  Get in touch today to see how we can help boost your revenue and ease your worries

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Our Digital Marketing Services

We can offer you the complete digital marketing package
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Social Media Management
  • Setup & Custom Profile Design
  • Social Media Contests

Social Media Promotion

Using Facebooks amazing algorithims we are able to get your unique content infront of viewers that will love it and engage with it. Getting your business infront of customers used to be extremely difficult and expensive with old tv/ radio advertisements.

With online marketing we are able to get your branding infront of only interested viewers, greatly increasing your return on ad spend or ROAS.

Townsvilles Premier SEO and Facebook Marketer
If your business has an online store we are able to use Facebooks amazing pixel to collect data on each purchase made on your page. Using this data we are able to generate an audience that is similar to all other previous customers you have had. Using this technique we can increase your sales by up to 300%!!!

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Townsvilles Premier SEO and Facebook Marketer
Digital marketing is the only form of advertising able to record exactly who and when is viewing your ads. With this data, the social media advertisers can target unique niche interests and keywords which stops unwanted and ineffective advertisements.

As a business you know how important branding and having a list of customers is. Now with social media it’s easy for customers to see how many other people purchase from you and are commited to your brand. With our specialised data driven advertising campaigns, we are able to efficently increase your social media following to a point at which it becomes a perpetual growth machine!

Social Media Isnt Just Social Now

It has become an amazingly cost effective, data driven advertising platform.


The biggest social platform is also the best to advertise on. Their systems allow your business to target your customers and gets your branding known. They purchase huge amounts of data and run an extremely sophisticated algorithm to target the exact customer you are looking for.


Facebook Messenger

A little known trade secret, Facebook Messenger takes up 14% of the social media sphere user base. Some amazing ad campaigns can be run using only messenger targeting.



Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms for younger generations. If your ideal customer is under the age of 30, visual Instagram ads are your best friend. Using our local design studios we are able to craft your business beautiful pictures and advertisements that suit your businesses persona.



The big guy of video is unsurprisingly the best place to advertise if your product is visual and engaging. We use the best local videographers and are able to create stunning dynamic video ads for your business.

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