About our agency

About The Marketing Shed

The Marketing Shed was started by our founder Kerin Payne. He began his online journey with an online eCommerce business which started his passion for digital marketing. Once his eCommerce store was too big to manage by himself he decided to sell it and focus on what he enjoyed. Which was online marketing, so from those beginnings The Marketing Shed was born. With your business at the forefront of our minds we can ensure your lifes work is in good hands. 

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    Mar, 2012
    Foundation of the Company

    Kerin begins KaboodleShopping 

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    Nov, 2012
    100k A Month

    After rapid growth from extensive and decisive advertising campaigns KaboodleShopping begins growing rapidly. 100,000 gross revenue a month is reached. 

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    Oct, 2013
    Sale Of Kaboodle Shopping

    After a year of amazing growth and the birth of his first child, Kerin decides to sell Kaboodle and focus on learning more about digital marketing. 

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    Mar, 2017
    Foundation of the Company

    After a long break, Kerin decides to start helping local businesses with their digital marketing and so The Marketing Shed was born.

Our Vision

To help local Townsville Businesses become online and digital superstars.